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Our high conviction, alpha-generating strategy ranking at 12/31/13 versus the eVestment Alliance Large Cap Value Peer Group
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Latest commentary, "The Case For S&P 2500"

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Firm Description

Todd Asset Management LLC (TAM), provides separate account management for institutions and individual investors. TAM also provides discretionary investment management services to clients as part of Separately Managed Account Programs (SMA), and non-discretionary investment management service to clients by providing a Model portfolio based on one of TAM's investment products. Clients may impose reasonable restrictions on investing in certain securities, types of securities, or industry sectors. Further information on the types of clients of the firm can be found in Item 7 Part 2A of form ADV brochure at the bottom of the Firm Culture page.

Clients can select from products managed according to various investment philosophies of TAM. More information on these products and investment philosophies can be found in Item 8 Part 2A of form ADV brochure at the bottom of the Firm Culture page.